Connecting Agronomy and Precision Farming

As farmers, growers, agronomists and suppliers we are continually investigating new technologies and working practices to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. To fully realise the potential of precision farming, we believe in a multi-layered approach – This means taking a raft of information, beginning with the soil and then adding layers of data from a variety of sources, to enable intelligent and informed decision making on the full range of variable applications.

Omnia enables agronomists and growers to work together for the first time at this sub-field level, in the same way that they have worked together for many years on a whole field basis.

It is the first application that enables Multi-Dimensional Analysis* of precision farming data.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis is used to create variable rate nutrient, seed or crop protection plans, using its advanced algorithms to calculate the optimum solution for an individual area within the field, irrespective of the number of map layers you wish to include or the different zone shapes. It is also used to analyse multiple years’ of yield maps, to map the long term performance of the field, irrespective of the crop.

*Patent Pending, European Patent Application No. 16170717

An unrivalled level of agronomic accuracy

Omnia & Omnia Precision

Omnia is an unrivalled whole field seed and nutritional planning system that is available for Growers to use themselves, alternatively they can choose Omnia Plus a service delivered to them by an Omnia specialist.

Omnia Precision is a unique precision farming system using Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis and is available for Growers to use themselves, alternatively they can choose to have a bespoke service delivered in conjunction with an Omnia specialist, tailored to meet their precision agronomy requirements.

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Translating Data Into Knowledge

Drill | Spray | Spread

Omnia Connect

Connect is a cost effective solution that has been designed to simplify precision farming. The iPad app not only allows you to seamlessly and instantly send variable application maps created in Omnia to the field, but also controls the spreader, sprayer or drill as well.

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OmniaHub – A Revolutionary Application

OmniaHub – A Revolutionary Application

OmniaHub is a new, revolutionary application, which complements our existing agronomist led services. It can be used to create anything from straightforward, whole field nutrient management plans up to highly detailed, precision agronomy profiles for all inputs. OmniaHUB is the first of its kind. It is a web application that can be accessed online from any computer, iPad or tablet, either in the office or out in the field. This means that for the first time growers and agronomists can choose where, when and how they access all of their information.

Technology is moving quickly and farmers are demanding mobile, connected and fully integrated solutions. With OmniaHub you not only have the benefit of having all of your data at your fingertips, you can also have live GPS positioning on the map. This is particularly important for farming applications when you want to ground truth-maps live in the field.

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Map long term performance of your field

Field Performance Analysis

For over 20 years’ farmers have been collecting yield maps which, in most cases, are simply not used. Yield map analysis has now been made possible using the Multi-Dimensional Analysis within OmniaHUB.

The analysis doesn’t just rely on our models, but allows the user to simply interact with the maps to decide what the good and poor yields are for each field. This ensures that the resultant Field Performance map is an accurate reflection of the variable performance within the field.

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Delivering unrivalled nutritional planning


Omnia services deliver unrivalled nutritional planning and NVZ compliance reports, without requirement for precision application technology.

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Plant Vision uses high accuracy NDVI sensors

Plant Vision

Plant Vision is a machine mounted sensor system offering the accuracy and reliability to acquire NVDI data. Using rugged NDVI sensors, Plant Vision can be mounted onto any machine and has been designed to capture green area information about any growing crop. The data can be imported into Omnia or any other farm mapping system and data can be used for:

  • variable nitrogen applications
  • crop monitoring
  • harvest planning
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