New Tech Helps Growers to Optimise Inputs – South East Farmer – Nick Strelczuk, Mike Hutchinson

Earlier this summer, crop protection specialist Hutchinsons launched a new soil mapping service called TerraMap. The family-run firm’s precision technology specialist Nick Strelczuk was on hand at the 2019 National Fruit Show to explain to growers how this high definition [...]


Boosting Accuracy and Detail of Soil Analysis – Precise – Oliver Wood

Agronomy firm Hutchinsons claims the technology at the centre of its new soil scanning system offers a greater level of precision than is possible with established techniques. When compared with traditional zone-based scanning or grid-based [...]


Put Your Field on the Map – Agronomist & Arable Farmer – Mike Young, Nick Strelczuk

Growers should consider new mapping technology to calculate accurate seed rates for variable rate drilling this autumn. New technology offers a genuine opportunity to maximise the benefits of precision agronomy – and taking time to consider how best to optimise [...]


2019 Omnia Precision Agronomy Award open for entries – British Guild of Agricultural Journalists

The British Guild of Agricultural Journalists’ 2019 Omnia Precision Agronomy Award, sponsored by Hutchinsons’ Omnia Precision Agronomy, is open for entries. Entries are open to any Guild member who has had a feature about precision farming technologies in arable agriculture [...]


Consider new technology to calculate accurate seed rates for variable rate drilling – Tillage & Soils

Farmacy chairman Mike Young’s advice is to take the time now to consider how best to optimise variable rate inputs for this autumn, with new technology such as TerraMap offering a genuine opportunity to enhance the benefits of precision agronomy. He [...]


The latest essential arable apps: Omnia Connect – Farmers Weekly

Omnia Connect £300/year for existing Omnia users iPad A new app for users of agronomy company Hutchinsons’ Omnia platform will allow the streamlined transfer of prescription maps to farm machinery to enable variable-rate applications. Omnia is a whole field seed [...]


Harper Adams takes the 2019 Cereals Challenge title – Agronomist & Arable Farmer – Matt Ward

Left - right: Matt Cobbald, George Atkey, David Hutchinson, Tom Kirby, Dan Hawes, Danny Richardson. Harper Adams University have won the 2019 Cereals Challenge by growing the best virtual crop of spring barley to manage problematic black-grass. Newcastle University took [...]


100-fold upgrade in resolutions available – Farmers Guardian – Oliver Wood

100-fold upgrade in resolutions available - Farmers Guardian - Oliver Wood HIGH resolution soil scanning based on gamma-ray detection technology will deliver 'game-changing' soil mapping. TerraMap delivers resolutions of more than 800 points per hectare, compared to typically eight data [...]