Tools For Future Proofing Farm Profitability To Be Launched at Cereals 2017

According to John Pelham, Anderson’s business consultant, the ability of farm businesses to identify and address loss making areas is key to improving resilience against future threats, such as Brexit. “Every grower should know where yield occurs, where the costs are [...]

Omnia Plant Vision Sensor System Offers More Accurate and Integrated Crop Data

Omnia Plant Vision is an exciting new way of collecting and using crop biomass data for improved crop management that can be used in conjunction with Omnia Precision. Precision farming is being practised on many farms; we know that being able [...]

Precise Evaluation of Profit and Loss Is Key To Business Sustainability

That was the message from Andersons’ business consultant John Pelham at the recent Hutchinsons agronomist conference, who sees profitability – or lack of – as the “elephant in the room” for UK agriculture. Defra figures show how reliant on subsidy the [...]