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Omnia E-Seed

The affordable Drill Conversion Kit that fits to any standard drill to enable variable rate drilling

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Convert your existing land wheel drill to variable rate with Omnia’s new seed drill conversion kit, Omnia E-Seed.

Omnia E-Seed is the first stand-alone variable rate drill conversion kit that fits to any standard drill and does exactly what it says on the box – it enables a standard land metered drill to be converted simply and efficiently into a variable rate drill.


“We haven’t had to change our drill and it’s a cost effective way to bring us up to variable rate drilling across our farm, saving us a considerable sum of money.”

Harry Horrell – Pode Hall Farm


“Simple to set up and use and when we walk the fields there are definite results.
The system has been fantastic and I wouldn’t want to go back to how we were doing it before”

Jonathan Roberts – Morley Farm



The Benefits of Variable Rate Drilling

Accurately planning seed rates according to soil type, weed pressure and other relevant factors can increase yields and lower cost of production. Learn More

Omnia E-Seed offers an affordable way of moving to variable rate drilling without the cost of a new drill.

Convert & Go

Omnia E-Seed is the only drill conversion kit available as a complete package for variable rate.

The E-Seed kit can be fitted to any seed drill, irrespective of age, and comprises of a motor which bolts on and replaces the land wheel – plus the sensors fit into the same locations on the original drill.

All control is via a simple iPad app, which talks to the E-Seed unit, meaning that once variable rate plans are uploaded onto the iPad they can be sent seamlessly and wirelessly to the drill.

Omnia E-Seed can be used by everyone, irrespective of being an Omnia subscription customer or not. This opens up possibilities for many farms with wide ranging equipment levels

Pays for itself in a season!

While investing in a new variable rate drill (which can cost upwards of £40,000) has been a barrier to many growers looking at moving over to variable rate, the Omnia E-Seed drill conversion kit now offers an affordable way of moving over to variable rate drilling without investing large amounts of money.
In fact, it is possible to recoup the costs of Omnia E-Seed in just 48ha, working on a 0.6t/ha improvement using a variable approach.

Available Now

The Omnia E-Seed kit has been tested and validated at the Hutchinsons Helix Farms and is available this spring.

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