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Omnia Service Levels

Services from farm mapping, right through to cutting edge, precision agronomy…

Omnia – a service level to suit you and your farm

You may just want to create custom maps of your farm boundaries, or need to optimise use of manure and fertilisers, or you may wish to uniquely analyse a whole plethora of farm data to drive your precision agronomy at a sub-field level…

Omnia Access


A free service offering growers customised farm mapping and local weather data.

  • Fields module
  • Map layers module
  • Climate module
  • Data imports
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Omnia Field Manager


Industry-leading advice without the requirement for precision farming technology. Reporting software providing cropping plans, soil analysis results, plus nutrient & fertiliser requirements for each field, along with the necessary NMAX calculations.

  • Everything in Omnia Access
  • Stocks module
  • Nutrition calculators
  • NVZ compliance
  • Seed rate calculations
  • Reports
  • Historical climate data
  • Crop growth models
  • Pest & disease models
  • Satellite Imagery (NDVI/Chloropyll/RGB)
  • Field Diary
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Omnia Precision


Unrivalled analysis of information from a variety of sources, allowing intelligent and informed decisions for a whole range of variable input applications at sub-field level.

  • Everything in Omnia Field Manager
  • Variable rate prescription plans
  • Data exports
  • Field performance mapping
  • Cost of production mapping
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More Information

For our Field Manager and Precision service levels we also offer optional extras to allow you to tailor our services to your specific requirements:

  • Routine Soil Analysis
  • Manure & Nutrient Management
  • Bespoke Precision Agronomy Advice


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