The monitoring of a growing crop is nothing new, but it has been limited by compromises. Tractor mounted sensors can reliably gather data in variable weather conditions but their high price tag and the lack of control over the applications, does not appeal to most farmers. Satellite imagery on the other hand is relatively inexpensive, but is not as accurate and is massively limited by cloud cover.

Plant Vision aims to change this; a tractor mounted sensor system offering the accuracy and reliability to acquire the data, flexibility on how to use the information and a price tag that will appeal to most growers.

Using ruggedized NDVI sensors, Plant Vision can be mounted onto any machine and has been designed to capture green area information about any growing crop. This can be imported into Omnia or any other farm mapping system and you are in control of how you use the information. This could be for variable nitrogen applications, crop monitoring or harvest planning

Whilst Plant Vision can be mounted onto any machine, typically it is mounted to a sprayer as this machine is travelling through crops regularly throughout their cropping cycle. A typical setup on 24-36 metre sprayers would see between 4 and 8 sensors mounted onto the boom, but more can be fitted if required.