Omnia Connect
£300/year for existing Omnia users

A new app for users of agronomy company Hutchinsons’ Omnia platform will allow the streamlined transfer of prescription maps to farm machinery to enable variable-rate applications.

Omnia is a whole field seed and nutritional planning system that allows growers to generate input application plans using different layers of information.

Layers include crop biomass data – from drones, machine-mounted sensor and satellite – maps showing differing slug and blackgrass pressure.

The Connect app accesses the variable-rate map data created in the Omnia cloud-based platform and transfers them via Wi-Fi and a small communications module connected to the implement controller.

This wireless connection will remove the need to download maps to a memory stick to be manually transferred.

By connecting straight into the machine’s controller, the app allows growers to use the existing variable-rate capabilities of their fertiliser spreaders, drills and sprayers without the need to unlock or update the controller, which can be an expensive option.

The app is primarily aimed at small- to medium-scale growers who have not yet invested in autosteer technology as the app relies on the iPad’s own built-in GPS system.

The Connect app is compatible with machine controllers from Amazone, Horsch, KRM Bogballe, Kuhn, Mzuri, RDS Technology, Sky and Väderstad, among others.