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View from the field

Looking at the capabilities of field recording software, one growers account of using Omnia and Greenlight. ...

While a complete solution isn’t quite there yet, Essex farmer, Ed Ford, believes he’s found a near perfect offering in Greenlight, following the switch from a competitor brand.

“I struggled with our original software, largely due to how complicated it was. You could analyse absolutely everything on farm with it, but it took time to do so.”

Realising the need for better mapping facilities, Ed then purchased Omnia and recognised a cloud-based field recording software was the direction he wanted to head in.

“When something is web-based, it means anyone can use it at any time, rather than relying on nominated computers in the office.”

With a large amount of data already on his existing system, Ed was nervous about jumping straight into a new platform, so decided to trial his old system and Greenlight side-by-side for 12 months.

“Within two weeks, I’d made up my mind,” he says. “I think for the smaller business, Greenlight is a much better solution.”

As well as a simpler user interface, Ed also notes Greenlight’s integration with Omnia as a big part of the success of the platform on his farm.

“Greenlight is so forward thinking and they’re constantly developing and updating the functionality. I also really like that there’s an app – as well as a web version – that means I can input data immediately in the field.”

In terms of functionality going forward, Ed would like to see a stock module added to the platform. “At the moment, there’s no way of tracking stock, but this is only a minor point – I do all the spraying myself, so I should know what’s in there,” he laughs.

“But overall, I’m really pleased with our decision to switch – it’s a simple, intuitive tool to use that’s making a real difference on farm.”

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